Rapid Weight Loss
Whole Life Transformation!

Exactly like the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
but…..without the surgery!


“I always heard the term be the change but with my weight I didn’t know how to be and then STAY the change! I’m 32 pounds down in 3 months and I feel confident I can keep going this time!”

Ronika H.
Los Angeles


If you eat as if you have had weight loss surgery, you’ll lose weight as if you’ve had weight loss surgery! So that means, while the surgery is a tool, the bottom line, is ‘the way you eat’.

The Trick: The way you eat is tied to your psychology and emotions so, even after weight loss surgery, if you can’t heal those areas your overeating may continue which is why so many weight loss surgery patients regain their weight after losing or…never lose much at all!

SOLUTION: Where the surgical Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy leaves off…. The Virtual Sleeve Gastrectomy picks up with technologies to truly assist you in the full life transformation necessary for lasting recovery from the weight (and aligning behavior) that ails you.

Changing the way you eat is the challenge. That’s the part that has brought you to this web site seeking a tool. VSG, though a non-surgical sleeve procedure, still requires the same eating plan as the surgical.

BASICALLY: Eat whatever you want (minus sugar and reckless carbs) but you’re counting calories and the meal portion sizes are small because after
the Virtual Sleeve Gastrectomy you can’t fit as much in your stomach!! You get full A LOT faster! And you’ll develop healthier ways of eating. You’ll no longer want to feel ‘fullness’. Full means you’ve over-eaten!

CONSCIOUS CREATION: Focusing on the two parts of the mind; conscious and sub-conscious, as well as the physiological effects of the pre and post-surgery bariatric diet, The Virtual Sleeve Gastrectomy is able to affect your entire being. Your stomach is still intact and technically the same size but its ability to take in as much food is greatly reduced as a result of the procedure.  Just like with the surgical gastrectomy, with the non-surgical sleeve the procedure actually begins long before your procedure date!

VSG – The Virtual Sleeve Gastrectomy is a Non-Surgical Sleeve Procedure and is not created by a medical entity or medical professional. It was created by someone who was scheduled to undergo the actual Surgical Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure but just days before her surgery, she CANCELLED IT.  Instead, she chose to continue forward, eating as if she was still going to have the procedure.

Using her Masters’ Degree in Spiritual Psychology and years of study of the quantum psychics behind the Law of Attraction and conscious creation, she used numerous techniques to reprogram or, change her mind thereby experiencing the weight release and behavioral adjustments she originally wanted by way of the surgery… Only she did it without the surgery.

BOOKING YOUR DATE means you are also given tools to use immediately and for a lifetime after your procedure. By the way, these are tools that can be applied not only in the area of weight release but any area of your life where you deem it necessary!